Seventeen year-old Cali girl, raised in Pure Michigan. Guitars, sweat pants, crew necks, boys, Modern Family, Spongebob, and Chinese food.

my reaction when my crush is dating a super ugly girl.
When i come home from school
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In Honor of the United States Military

From The Corpse Bride piano scene 😊 #thecorpsebride #piano (at Anytime Fitness)

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When my mom doesn’t cook dinner.
I love this so much! He is so talented, and he surprised me with this 😍😊😘
How I will be dancing at prom :)
Finally it starts getting warm and the snow starts melting. Then this happens. #WelcomeToMichigan #MichiganProbz
My mom is a loser lol

Sally Sunday 😊😘

Everybody’s gotta die sometime.